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Are you passionate about food? 

Do you aspire to create a more sustainable future for yourself and others? 

Have you been working in the food industry, but feel that your value isn’t being recognized currently? 

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Have you wanted to work in the food industry but don’t know where to get started?

Do you dream about joining a team that is focused on “big picture solutions” for a better world? 

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We're Hiring for all of the following Roles!

Customer Service team members

Customer Service team members

Customer Service team members

Cashiers, Bartenders, Order Assembly Staff, Etc.

You're where it all starts, the gatekeeper for our friends (AKA our customers) to have a great experience!

Kitchen Team Members

Customer Service team members

Customer Service team members

Line Cooks, Food Prep Team, Bakers

The (non) meat of the entire experience... at our core, we're all about great food and you make that happen!

General Support Staff

FOH & BOH Leads / Managers

FOH & BOH Leads / Managers

Dishwashers, Clean-Up Crew, Our "Jack Of All Trade" Go-To's

This probably sounds like the low guy on the totem pole...but just an FYI, currently this role is being filled by our CEO, so that should tell you something ;-) 

FOH & BOH Leads / Managers

FOH & BOH Leads / Managers

FOH & BOH Leads / Managers

Shift Leads / Lead Chef

You have what it takes to lead and live by example!

We love seeing resumes that align with our core values, but in all honesty, actions speak louder than words, Ya Jive?

Who Are We? What's This all About?

So Many Questions...

We’re passionate entrepreneurs looking to take our experience within the food industry to help craft a more sustainable and harmonious future. Our first company is IGZU, the world’s first bottled bamboo leaf tea, which can currently be found throughout California and Hawaii, as well as internationally. Our whole mission is to make more sustainable food and make that easily accessible to the everyday consumer. We’ve decided to start a new venture in our own backyard, which is HeyO! eats – a fast-casual, 100% plant-powered, counter-service restaurant located in downtown Mountain View, CA. 

We’re all about creating 100% plant-powered good times, so that includes nosh-worthy eats and a thirst-quenching tap rotation, ranging from non-alcoholic kombuchas, as well as adult kombuchas, to regional, hard-to-find brews and seasonal wines. 

This will be our first location, with plans to open future footprints within the next two to five years. So, if you’ve ever had a desire to get on the ground floor with real opportunity to grow within a mission-based organization, now’s your chance! Regardless of your experience level, we love to see passion. So by all means – please reach out! We look forward to learning more about you and how you can fit into our broader vision of a more sustainable future.

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